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Published on April 1st, 2009 | by Tim


Bear Grylls From “Man vs Wild”


Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls
Born 7 June 1974  (age 34)
Bembridge, Isle of Wight, UK
Occupation Professional Adventurer, TV Show Host, Survival Expert
Background British Military, SAS, Various Accomplishments
Man Rating 9

Bear Grylls is no stranger to the manly lifestyle. He is by far one of the toughest and manliest men on the planet which is proof that you need not be 6’5″ 270lbs to be considered manly. Bear is a fairly average sized man, but I am confident that he could ruin worlds if he were pitted against men much bigger than him.

Bear began to consider joining the British Army shortly after finishing school. The difference between him and most other men is that while he made his decision, he didn’t sit in his house and think, nor did he write down the pros and cons of joining. While he was debating it, he decided to spend several months hiking in the Himalayas.

In 1994 Bear returned and passed the United Kingdom Special Forces Selection. He served in the SAS from 1994 – 1997 as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic. You may consider this a short time spent serving in the SAS until you hear the reason for discharge, which only just adds to how tough Bear truly is.

In 1996, Bear was parachuting in Kenya. As he descended, his parachute ripped. He was 1600 feet above the ground. Just as a comparison, the Empire State Building in New York only stands 1250 feet high. Bear plummeted towards the Earth where he crash landed hard onto his parachute pack. This accident crushed three vertebrae. Bear was later quoted saying

“I should have cut the main parachute and gone to the reserve but thought there was time to resolve the problem”

It took 18 months in rehab for Bear to correct his back problems. Most people after extensive rehabilitation for a broken back would probably think of getting a different job. Most likely a desk job where they won’t strain their weakened back. Bear decided that he would simply climb Everest. On May 26, 1998, he did just that. He became the youngest Briton to climb the mountain at age 23.

To keep in shape, Bear trains 5 or 6 days a week with a mix of different disciplines. This includes alternating cross country runs, circuit training and yoga. He also does Ninjutsu, gymnastics and acrobatics, and of course his climbing, skydiving and paragliding. It is also important to mention his nutrition which consists of many whole foods as well as various freshly killed insects and other animals (such as zebras).

Bear’s show “Man vs Wild” is essentially a television program which allows people to see how manly he is and dream. In any given episode, we are treated to Bear being dropped in the middle of nowhere with his cameraman and watching him fight his way out of the most ridiculous terrains imaginable. He will often find insects or animals which he kills by hand (if at all) and then eats them. He teaches how to navigate these terrains to reach survival as if anyone could actually pull it off.

Bear definitely came close to a perfect Man Rank of 10, however; he feel just short due to his 18 months spent in rehab for his back. A Rank 10 man would have laughed, gotten up and walked it off. He would have never complained and he would definitely not have spent time in rehab. Good effort, though, Bear.

Bear is definitely worthy of a Man Rank of 9. Through his accomplishments, injuries and displays of everyday heroics, he shows us what all men should be like and with any luck, the vast majorityof this generation’s men will realise that.

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8 Responses to Bear Grylls From “Man vs Wild”

  1. tyler says:

    I disagree completely .. other then the fact that his nickname is “bear”. He doesnt even go alone, infact he brings a whole camera crew and probably even first aid attendants.. where as Les Stroud from “Survivor Man” is much much more manly. He goes out with no food, no shelter, no fresh water, no tools, and no camera crew. Just by himself.

    In a battle for survival Les Stroud would be the sure victor over Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls.

  2. Mike says:

    I think you misread the majority of this post young man….while Les Stroud is no doubt a survival expert..Bear is beyond manly…did you miss the part where it mentioned he’s former SAS? Survived a sky diving accident? Has undoubtedly killed people, and climbed Everest?

    I will agree Les is tough in the survival show aspect, but in all round manliness…Bear takes manlier shits than Les. Also, look into Les’ background….musician? canoe excursions? fuck just saying that makes me sad for the guy…I would destroy Les.

  3. Tim says:

    As if Bear couldn’t do all that stuff without his crew. He brings them because he’s filming a show. I don’t see how bringing other awesome men along makes Bear less manly. These guys come with and carry a hell of a lot of equipment as they follow him.

    It takes a damn manly guy to have a survival show on TV and Bear has the credentials to show you how to deal with those survival scenarios effectively.

  4. Ohms says:

    I think we have to look at the goals of both shows. Les has to survive while Bear has to find civilization. Thus, its sort of hard to compare the two however I think both could probably do each others job if need be.

  5. Dusty says:

    Heard this guy drinks his own urine and likes it…..

  6. Black Cat ! says:

    I Like watching Bear But As I have served 14 Years in Royal Marines 5 of which I was SBS and on occasions worked with SAS or I should say they worked with us, in order to be concidered for SBS you have to serve at least 2-3years in a Commando unit,the same applies to SAS these people are recruited mainley from the Parachute regiment, I don’t know any one who comes off the street and goes straight into the SAS, so I am very sceptical about this part of his career, as for parachute malfunction its a natural part of training you deploy your emergency chute immediatly, so I have my doubts, sorry.

  7. It’s adorably cute from a woman’s perspective to see you guys argue about manliness! Teehee!

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