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Published on April 3rd, 2009 | by Tim


Cyborgs in the Near Future?

handWhat if you could have your semi-manly limbs replaced with ultra badass robot limbs? Instead of jumping a couple feet in the air, maybe you could be able to scale huge walls or crush cars with your brand new robo-man arms.

This is Prof. Kevin Warwick. He may not look like the manliest man in the world; however, his research has the potential to make him manlier than you could ever imagine. Prof. Warwick is proffessor of cybernetics at the University of Reading in England. He has made it his life’s work to integrate man and machine and is comeing damn close.

So far, he has already been testing some of his technology on himself. Some of which includes a chip which senses your presence allowing you to open doors, switch on lights, etc. This is fairly neat, but his other work makes it look like nothing.

Prof. Warwick has also been able to have electrodes implanted in his arm which connect to a computer. He has actually been able to attach his nervous system to a computer which then allowed him to control things with his mind. As pictured; he was able to control that arm and have it mimic his arm and hand movements simply by moving his own arm.

Some predictions he has made which mat be indicators of his future work included chips which increase memory and allow telepathic-like speech.

Check out his site at

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