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Published on February 21st, 2010 | by Tim


Emitting the World’s Most Irritating High-Pitch Noise – We Have an App for That

Looking for that special app that you can use to irritate an entire room of people without them even knowing it was you? Yeah, there’s an app for that. It’s called Sound Grenade.

Sound Grenade is a fairly simple app based on an even simpler concept. High frequency sounds are extremely irritating. They are even being utilized in devices to prevent loitering. The device is set up outside where loitering is a problem and it plays the sound. You probably won’t notice it at first, but eventually you will and it will be all you can think about. For me, the sound feels like all the bones in my head are vibrating and I get a feeling as though my ears are plugged. Others get headaches and can get nausious.

So far I’ve played this prank on a few people and the reactions are hilarious. They all seem to think it’s their ears that are ringing. They ask if I hear that and naturally I respond with “Hear what?”

A great feature of the app is the ability to set a timer so you can hide it and get out of the room without it sounding. When the timer ends, the noise sounds.

Donload this one for free on iTunes. It’s a must have.

Don’t have an iPhone? We still got you covered. There’s a website we found where you can download different frequencies of the high pitched noise. It also shows the age ranges that can hear the sounds. In theory, a student could set one as a ringtone in class and recieve texts and calls in class without their instructor knows (although turning it on vibrate seems easier). Check them out:

8khz This one everyone should be able to hear:

12khz This one everyone under 50 should be able to hear

For a whole bunch of these, check out

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3 Responses to Emitting the World’s Most Irritating High-Pitch Noise – We Have an App for That

  1. raunnie says:

    I think I’ll just skip this gadgetry and spin up some Celine Dion; clears the room everytime, just like an egg fart.

  2. Tim says:

    I think I’d still rather play a high-pitched tone….

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