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Frane Selak – Nothing Says Manly Like Cheating Death 6 Times


Frane Selak
Born 1929 in Croatia
Occupation Music Teacher
Background A lifetime of cheating death
Man Rating 8

There are many ways that a man can boost his man points. We are constantly researching and debating which method of achieving manliness is the most effective. Since all men have very different attributes and skill levels, it’s tough to decide on a single method of becoming the ultimate man. Guys like Simo Häyhä and Bear Grylls are on the right track with their approach; however, these are/were both highly trained individuals. Simo was an extremely skilled sniper who managed to rack up a kill count that today’s sharpshooters would drool over. Bear Grylls is former SAS and has several records including being the youngest Brit to ever climb to the top of Everest. Oh, and Bear did this just after finishing rehab for his back from surviving a 1600 foot fall when his parachute malfunctioned. Both Simo and Bear are/were survival experts and highly trained in being bad ass.

With juggernauts like these and countless other manly men out there, it really makes you wonder what an average everyday guy can do to knock his man ranking through the roof. Obviously he could do the little things like growing a sweet beard and playing sports, but these aren’t going to put you into a whole new class of manliness.

Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher, began his campaign to boost his man ranking in 1962. His campaign of extreme awesomeness consisted essentially of showing how real men can escape deadly situations. It is unconfirmed, but it is rumored that he heard that the Man Institute was in the works and felt the need to man up so he could later be an inspiration to real men everywhere.

In January of 1962, Frane boarded a train in Sarajevo. He was headed to Dubrovnik, likely to score with women and fist fight for fun. Frane was well on his way when the train derailed. It plunged into an icy-cold river, killing 17 of his fellow passengers and breaking Frane’s arm. Frane managed to escape the cold water with his life and a few well deserved man points.

In 1963, Frane was on a plane flying from Zagreb to Rijeka. The flight seemed to be going well when all of a sudden, the door blew off of the cockpit. Frane was ejected from the cockpit and miraculously landed in a haystack, suffering only minor cuts and bruises, while the plane crashed and killed 19 passengers.

In 1966, Frane was travelling on a bus which went off the road and plunged into a river. Familiar territory for Frane. He escaped with no injuries; however, 4 other passengers lost their lives.

In 1970, Frane was cruising in his car when he began having car trouble. Frane used his man-instincts and vacated the car, running from it as the faulty fuel-pump caused the car to burst into flames.

In 1973, Frane was again driving, only this time his car caught fire while he was in it. He managed to stop the car and evacuate, losing only his hair from the flames.

In 1995 Frane was crossing a street when an out of control city bus struck him sending him flying onto the concrete. Frane then got up and walked it off, suffering only minor injuries.

In 1996, Frane was driving when he found an out of control United Nations truck heading straight for him. Frane chose to drive his car off a cliff to avoid the head-on collision. Frane managed to free himself from his car and cling to a tree as his car plummeted 300 feet down the cliff and exploded.

After finishing this 44 year man point accumulation, Frane decided he had enough of cheating death and figured it was time to get rich and live the sweet life. He went and purchased a ticket for the Croatian lottery and won $1 million.

What this goes to show you is that a lifetime of mancomplishments does NOT go unnoticed. For Frane’s death-defying mancomplishments, he has earned a solid 8 out of a possible 10 man points and is now known as both the world’s unluckiest man and the world’s luckiest.

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  1. thewain says:

    don’t visit that one, this is the new one

  2. Jayco (Zeljko) Selak says:

    There is a music teacher in Croatia,who have dreamed of fame all his life.Couldn’t make it as musician.Than in his old age he got lucky and won a lottery.That wasn’t enough for fame…So he has found (and paid?!) a local “journalist” to fabricate the story in the local newspaper about incredible death-cheating life! Some naive scotish “jounalist” saw the story and (without checking the facts!) has published the story in “The Scottsman”! Other media outlets picked it up,again,without checking the facts (ah,sensationalism!),and
    the old man’s dream became a reality:he’s finally – a star !!! Than,Australians from Doritos have bought the “BS” and cheated their consumers! What a silly world ! How do I know ??? Check MY NAME !!!
    Still don’t believe me? Send the questions to

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