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Published on June 24th, 2010 | by Tim


How to Climb Everest: A Guide for Real Men

On this planet there are a ton of amazing feats that a man can complete to pump up the old man-o-meter. Beating bears to death with a stick (See: Jim West), fighting a shark under water (See: Craig Clasen) and being credited with over 700 kills in a war (See: Simo Häyhä) are all excellent ways to show that you are a real man. A guy who lesser men tremble before.

There is another challenge that will push a man to his absolute limit. A challenge so manly that it makes fighting a bear look like petting a kitten. It makes fighting off a shark look like tapping on aquarium glass in a pet store. Obviously this manly act of awesomeness is climbing Mt. Everest.

When I take a quick look at the numbers, on average bears in the US kill .5 people per year. Sharks manage to get one. Everest manages to grab hold of 4-5 per year. Considering there are only 200-300 summits at Everest per year, these are pretty decent numbers.

So how do you climb this monster? Well it’s simple: man up, get yourself some cash and gear and get to Nepal.

To start, you’re going to need to find an expedition heading to the top. There’s a good site where you can see a bunch of companies that head up there. You can also check out pics and stories from past expeditions. Check them out here:

Assuming you have the money for the expedition ($65,000USD approx) you’re good to go. If not, you may have to do some fundraising. Try to get sponsors or climb for a cause (Maybe Movember….).

When climbing Everest, there is a ton of paperwork involved. Permits and waivers and booking sherpas to name a few. Book well in advance. There is lots to figure out before you even leave for Nepal.

Ok, so you’ve made it this far and you’re ready to leave. Make sure you pack everything you’ll need. You’re a rather long way from home once you get there. It’s probably a good idea to cold weather test all your gear as well.

So now you’re there and ready to begin. You’ll first need to get yourself to base camp. Base camp may sound nice, but to get there is a trek up to 17,600 feet. Although being there is probably pretty sweet.

Now you start your real climb. To get to the top of Everest takes a while. You first need to wait for windows to climb in. Everest weather is a little unpredictable and getting caught in a windstorm is something you should try to avoid.

Once you leave Base Camp, you have to make it to Camp 1, located at 19,500 feet. Camp 2 is at 21,300 feet, Camp 3 at 23,500 feet and Camp 4 is at 26,300 feet. You’ve made it most of the way, but now you have to make a run for the summit.

Everest’s summit is at 29,028 feet and is the highest point on Earth. To be standing here is to truly be on top of the world, something that only a handful of the toughest human beings that ever lived have accomplished.


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4 Responses to How to Climb Everest: A Guide for Real Men

  1. Dude Manrod says:

    Barefoot… that’s the only way to climb any mountain

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Thanks for writing this up. I’ve been struggling to feel like a real man off late, and I think climbing Mt. Everest is a good way to get my manliness back on track. I appreciate it.

  3. Laarni says:

    Thank you for motivating us Tim, maybe this is the way, to climb the Everest to get back my masculinity.
    .-= Laarni ´s last blog entry: Unable To Get Pregnant =-.

  4. J. Delancy says:

    Sounds good but too far away and too expensive. I’ll stick with plain ole’ shark diving here in The Bahamas.

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