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Published on June 9th, 2010 | by Tim


How to Start Shaving Like a Man – Guest Post

In our previous article, Shave Like A Real Man, we discussed several different ways a man can shave. Aside from using instruments of mass destruction to shave, the manliest way of getting it done has always been the straight razor. Not only is it more dangerous, but it gets the job done: something that can’t always be said for the Mach 3 hiding in a drawer in my bathroom.

The guys over at the Shaving Shack found the Man Institute and in an effort to help men grasp the manly art of using a cut-throat razor, have put together a short, to the point guide to help you pick out your first real razor.

Many men who have tried out traditional wet shaving methods would never go back to the modern variety of razors ever again. The main reason for the resurgence in popularity of these products is that people can only be fooled for so long; the razors advertised on TV just cannot cut it, excuse the pun.

But what can these razors offer that modern razors can’t? Well, you certainly would expect, with the advancements in technology that men would have moved on from the old ways by now. But the secret to the continued success of traditional safety and cut throat razors is because they were, and still are, damn fine shaving products.

The performance offered by these types of razors is second to none. Any man who has had the pleasure of experiencing a true barber shop shave will know just what the difference is. The modern electric shavers just cannot compare to the satisfaction following this quality shave. The process is still the same today; apply the rich lather with a badger brush and take your time perfecting this manly activity in a truly masculine way.

It is always advisable to use top quality razors with sharp blades, rather than the cheap, disposable razors you frequently see nowadays. Choose a razor blade that will suit your technique. When starting out with safety and cut throat razors, it may take longer before you have perfected the shave, and will also require a greater degree of caution and care, but you will the find the end results cannot be matched by anything else on the market.

As each person’s face and hair growth is different, choosing the right razor to get the best results isn’t always an easy task. It is a current trend that many men are turning back towards the use of a traditional straight razor due to the many benefits of a closer shave. For those who are new to this way of shaving, the straight razor you decide on is very important.

A straight razor may essentially be a simple tool for shaving, comprising of just a blade that can fold into its protective handle. However, you may not know what you are looking out for initially in a straight razor, so here are a few pointers for you to consider.

The first purchase is crucial to how you will feel about wet shaving, so make sure you select a quality razor from the outset. Always purchase a new, clean blade which has a smooth edge.

The balance of the razor against the handle is important when shaving, so be sure to buy one which is balanced equally.

Check out the many straight razor options available online to see what the benefits are of each model. You can also read comments of fellow wet shavers to see what they think about any particular razor.

Although these types of razors are built to last, you will still need to perform regular maintenance on them to keep them working at their optimum level. Therefore, making sure you buy a razor which is sharp is essential to the shaving experience.

If you don’t have as much time to keep the blade as sharp as it needs to be, you can always opt for disposable straight razors which are available nowadays. These are perfect for those looking to get a close shave, but who don’t have as much time spare to prepare the razor.

The temper of a straight razor comes in soft, medium and hard versions which require a varying degree of maintenance. You need to weigh up the pros and cons of each to determine which one would work best for you. As well as this, you will also need to choose between a concave and wedge grind with the blade.

The final point is that sometimes it is just through trial and error that you find the right razor for you. Always bear in mind that each make of razor is different and so the experience will never be the same.

Check out the Shaving Shack website and take a look at their products. They also have some pretty decent Shaving Tips for when you buy your first straight razor.

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  3. This is my favorite way to shave. It leaves my skin soft and smooth.
    .-= Shaving Products´s last blog entry: Shaving Product Evolution- Find a Great Shaving Product =-.

  4. Matt Boy says:

    Great post.

    In case anyone is looking to get into traditional shaving, I believe has a 15% off sale at the moment.

    They are based in England, but I think worldwide shipping is only £5 and European £3.50 so it could save you a bit of money overall.

  5. Jay says:

    i have been reading your posts for the past few months and have found them very informative. love this blog!

  6. Bonnie says:

    Hi, thank you for this post! I find this very useful, hope to see more tips, ideas and suggestions from you. :)
    .-= Bonnie´s last blog entry: Australian Wine Club =-.

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