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Published on March 13th, 2010 | by Tim


Put Down the Fishing Rod and Fish Like a Man

If you learn nothing else from your time spent at the Man Institute, remember this: manliness is inversely related to the amount of equipment used when attempting to achieve a goal. That is, the more equipment you need to get the job done, the less manly the act is.

Take hunting, for instance. Hunting on its own is a fairly manly activity. You grab your favourite rifle and head off into the bush to camp and hike and eventually kill an animal. Manly, yes, but there is still room for improvement. Replace that gun with a snare trap that you toss together and the manliness rises. Now take away that and lets say just give the man a knife. It becomes even manlier. Manlier still would be taking away all weapons and having the man hunt down the animal, wrestle it to the ground and break its neck. Now imagine that man is a paraplegic, quadraplegic, you get the idea.

Men who have learned and embraced this concept are guys like Jim West (Beat an attacking mother bear to death with a stick), Matt Watson (Catches fish by diving onto them from a low-flying helicopter) and Craig Clasen (Fought a shark for two hours armed only with a spear). It’s this type of “back to basics” attitude that made them the men they are today.

The sport I’d like to introduce you to is called noodling. Basically, you ditch the pansy fishing rod, jump in the water and catch the fish bare-handed (Goofy southern accent optional).

Don’t get me wrong, gentlemen. Keep on fishing using rods and sweet ass boats. If you don’t know how to fish, it’s about time you go learn. Check out this post to learn to properly stock your tacklebox. There is absolutely nothing unmanly in heading out fishing, we simply ask that you push the envelope sometimes. If you’re a fisherman, noodling is the best way of doing that.

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Tim is curator and co founder of When he’s not shaving his face with a bowie knife he’s helping men be better at what they already are: men.

5 Responses to Put Down the Fishing Rod and Fish Like a Man

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  2. FreakSmack says:

    I’ve never seen anybody use gloves before. They seem a little over dressed.

  3. Tim says:

    FreakSmack! Good man. I didn’t even really notice but now that I look at it again, that does seem a bit pansy.

  4. I think i’ll stick to my rod and reel! These guys are mental!

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